TinyProKit Smaller Palette

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TinyProKit Smaller Palette

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Product description

Smaller Palette-All Black is an empty makeup palette.

Finally magnetic makeup palette that is easy to clean! Incredible magnetic strength that you haven’t seen before! Fully customizable and fits perfectly in your hand. Perfect for depotting and downsizing all kinds of makeup products.


- Exterior Dimensions: 115mm x 65mm x 15mm

- Weight: 44g

- Round Pans capacity: 8 Standard (26mm), 10 Mini (23mm).

- Square Pans capacity: 24 Hard Candy (26.3mmx9mm), 24 Bubble Gum (18mmx12.6mm).

Key features:

  • Use it with any pans that will stick to magnetic surface.
  • We use the strongest magnetic material available on the market that will not weaken over time.
  • Totally transparent lid that lets you see all the contents clearly.
  • Our logo is never a distraction! We believe that our logo isn’t important, our message is!
  • Lightweight but durable. Not airtight.


- Pans are NOT included

- Empty makeup palette















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