Single-Use Make-Up Hand Palette

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Single-Use Make-Up Hand Palette

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Product details

50 single-use hand palettes per box.

What it is

  • This hygienic disposable hand palette is a must-have for all pros and enthusiasts!
  • This single-use Makeup Hand Palette allows you to mix makeup on a sterile surface right on the back of your hand!
  • This surface is medical-grade and individually sealed for each client.

What it does

  • No need for extra hand washing and hassle.
  • You can mix liquid and cream products as well as loose powders and glitters with any mixing medium.
  • Perfect for mixing Metals and Enlight Powders.
  • The transparency of the surface allows you to see the color of the makeup on your skin without applying directly.

How to use it

  • Peel off the back of the hand palette exposing the adhesive. Firmly press the Palette onto the back of your hand where suitable and comfortable for you.
  • On the Palette face, first, peel off the small end as indicated on the diagram. Then peel back
  • the sterile film to expose the palette surface.
  • Place your cosmetics on top of the sterile surface for use.
  • Peel off and dispose of after use.

More Info

  • 100% Sterilized medical grade and quality
  • Lightly textured finish
  • Transparent
  • Transfers body heat
  • Disposable
  • Prevents transmission of bacteria, viruses, sloughed skin, sweat, oil, and hair
  • Reduces clean up time
  • Latex-free

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